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JavaScript code to deal with Symfony form collections

Each time you use form collections in Symfony, you need to write some JavaScript. The cookbook If you don’t know what form collections are you won’t be interested in this article now. However you can read the cookbook out of curiosity and come back read this article later. Doing form collections with Symfony can be a tedious task because Symfony doesn’t… Continue reading

Easily comply with Symfony2 coding style using CodeSniffer and PhpStorm Code Inspection

The goal of this article is to implement Symfony2 coding style in your PhpStorm editor. This will take you 5 minutes to configure your workspace. Symfony2 CodeSniffer installation You can follow this steps to install the Symfony2 standard CodeSniffer using Composer. Install phpcs: composer global require “squizlabs/php_codesniffer=1.*” You can follow the PHP_CodeSniffer documentation to include it in… Continue reading

Easy Travis configuration for your Symfony2 tests using mysql database!

  Wanna kick start a project? Wanna get straight to the code as fast as possible, without spending too much time on the overheads (creating tests environments and so on…)? Well, let’s build a quick ready-to-go Travis environment with a mysql database for your tests! 3 minutes starting now! Travis-GitHub hook configuration Travis automatically builds virtual machines to… Continue reading