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Go Traps - nil interfaces

August 30, 2022Ewen Quimerc'h5 min read

Go is one of the programming languages I love the most. It allows a very fast execution time (unlike Python) without affecting negatively the developer experience (unlike C), and is strongly typed (unlike TS where you can lie to the compiler). But it has some flaws, and nil interfaces are a tricky…

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Blender Python Starting Guide

August 26, 2022Félix6 min read

If you come from the Python development world, developing in Blender can feel a bit rough at first glance because the Blender API, bpy, is not a python package you can install with pip. To access it, you must use the Python env included in Blender and it can be difficult to interact with it from…

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How to generate Typescript interfaces from your Spring Boot backend

August 09, 2022Jérémie Chauvel4 min read

Starting a full stack project with Spring Boot and a modern frontend framework like React in Typescript, you rapidly fall into the issue of defining your interfaces twice: Once on Spring Boot side where you create your response/request DTO for your controllers, and again on the frontend where you…

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Creating an API Gateway to SQS direct connection using CloudFormation

August 04, 2022Kelvin Xu6 min read

A common way of enqueuing messages to an AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS) is by sending a POST request to an endpoint hosted by an API Gateway. Using the AWS console, you can easily set up this connection between the API Gateway and SQS. However, we can also create this connection in CloudFormation…

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SheetJs: Programmatically generating stylish Excel documents

August 04, 2022Kyle Ki10 min read

SheetJs is a javascript library that is used to create and format Excel documents. It is a powerful tool that boasts a consistent weekly download rate of over one million as well as having a dedicated team to battle issues and improve features. SheetJs was the perfect tool to use on a recent project…

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