Why my Lambda cannot access Internet anymore from its AWS VPC?

January 20, 2020Charles de la Roche Saint André10 min read

AWS VPC with Internet Access

In this post, I try to be as clear as possible to explain how to give Internet Access to your AWS resources if they are in an AWS VPC. For the most curious and those who like to understand things in depth, I explain at each step the AWS concepts in the grey part. 1 - Create a VPC If you don't…

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How to Synchronize your Style Guide from Figma to CSS in One Click

January 17, 2020Adèle Gauvrit8 min read

Keep your style guide updatded on all of your projects

I have set-up an automatic pipeline to share our design system's style guide: from Figma with a homemade plugin on which our designers work to our web apps on which developers work I'd like to share with you why I think this is awesome and how it will improve our collaboration. Then I'll get into…

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As A Developer, I know how to talk to my PO about existing code

January 06, 2020Alex de Boutray7 min read

Women discussing in front of a whiteboard

Cover photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash -- Monday, 10am. You're around a table with a new team, looking at a product owner presenting the project you'll be working on for the next few months. While this project wouldn't be the core software of your company, it would play an integral part in the…

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Github Actions on the test rig

December 26, 2019Aurélien Le MassonIvan Poiraudeau6 min read

GitHub Actions logo

As of November 13, 2019, GitHub Actions became publicly available. We have tested the automation solution from GitHub, often sold as a new CI/CD pipeline alternative. Let's see how it fares compared to its competitors, and whether you should switch to it. 1. What GitHub Actions brings to the table A…

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How to Integrate Typescript with Vue.Js

November 21, 2019Victor Gobel9 min read

Vue and TypeScript logo

A few weeks ago I started a new Vue project. One of my co-dev recommended using TypeScript on our project: "It will help us spot bugs and mistakes, and the sooner we add it, the easier it will be". It was my first time developing on TypeScript. Why TypeScript ? TypeScript homepage First of all, you…

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