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Hexagonal Architecture for Dummies by a Dummy

February 13, 2024Gatien Ducornaud6 min read

TL;DR: You’ll discover the advantages of Hexagonal Architecture in: Simplifying Your Code: Transforming intricate coding and testing efforts into manageable, beginner-friendly tasks. Gaining Real-World Insights: Understand how applying Hexagonal Architecture in actual projects not only upholds code…

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Learn how to implement VAT for your e-commerce website with Sylius in 6 minutes

February 06, 2024Fabien Charlier6 min read

If you are using Sylius for your e-commerce website, then you will inevitably come across the subject of Value Added Tax (VAT). As a software engineer at Theodo, I have spent countless hours customizing every one of its aspects, for it to behave in the exact way I wanted it to. So you don't need to…

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Journeying to zero accessibility issues with Angular Testing Library

January 31, 2024Flora Soussand6 min read

I truly believe that web accessibility is crucial for creating products for everyone. I want to improve the accessibility of my project because I want to ensure equal access for everyone. To improve accessibility, we address some of the issues upon detection. Yet, we face a real challenge for…

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Event Sourcing? What, why, how in 5 minutes

January 23, 2024Arthur Naudy5 min read

Event sourcing is an architectural pattern that provides a highly comprehensible audit trail. Tracking patient medical data, tracking transactions for financial services to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, or tracking the movement of goods in a supply chain process… Event sourcing can…

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To refactor or not to refactor ? That is the question.

January 23, 2024Clément Roger5 min read

Being a developer, there's something satisfying about creating clean, efficient code. But let's face it, in the real world of software development, we often deal with less-than-ideal solutions. This is where refactoring comes into play – a chance for us developers to revisit and reshape the code…

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