Serverless: a New Paradigm

April 03, 2020Oussamah Jaber5 min read


Since its creation in 2014, AWS' Serverless has delivered by reducing the cost of infrastructure management while increasing speed, agility, and scalability. What is Serverless? “Serverless allows you to build and run applications and services without thinking about servers” — AWS Serverless shifts…

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How real developers use a CMS to build a showcase website with Netlify, Nuxtjs, and Contentful

March 24, 2020Jérémie Chauvel15 min read

A CMS driven static website with Netlify, Nuxtjs, and Contentful

Why build a CMS driven showcase website? Here you are, you just started a project to build the latest shiny showcase website for your client. Now comes the difficult part: you want to offer your client the best bang for his bucks, not wanting to redo part of the website each time the content changes…

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Don't lose sight of your bugs: How to improve your defect capture by 20%

March 10, 2020William Duclot6 min read

Sentry logo

Here we assume you correctly set up Sentry. Both your front-end and your back-end are able to send errors to Sentry and you set up Sentry releases ( Checkpoints This is what we'll want to achieve ALL unexpected behaviours (bugs) are…

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Master SQLAlchemy Relationships in a Performance Friendly Way

March 09, 2020Pauline Huguenel7 min read

SQLAlchemy relationships performance

In a web application, performance is as important as any functional feature. In my current project, we experienced troubles with this aspect as we handled big databases with complex models and relationships. It worked fine when we tested the product with future users. But as soon as it got into…

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Why my Lambda cannot access Internet anymore from its AWS VPC?

January 20, 2020Charles de la Roche Saint André10 min read

AWS VPC with Internet Access

In this post, I try to be as clear as possible to explain how to give Internet Access to your AWS resources if they are in an AWS VPC. For the most curious and those who like to understand things in depth, I explain at each step the AWS concepts in the grey part. 1 - Create a VPC If you don't…

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