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Making Unit tests easy: How to use mock data factories

January 26, 2023Guillaume Barra6 min read

Writing unit tests is (or should be) a large part of our job, so why not make it simpler? When we start writing unit tests for our projects, we’ll be creating a lot of mock data. So much that we sometimes forget that duplication is a code smell, as long as our tests are passing. However, there is a…

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How to build mobile apps like the world is ending

January 20, 2023Henry Deacy5 min read

When I began my career as an app developer, the main appeal to me was the idea that I could create without material. I didn’t need paint, bricks or steel, just my keyboard and enough time. Of course, another aspect which is becoming harder and harder to overlook is energy usage, and more importantly…

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Installing native modules in the EAS build process

January 16, 2023Francisco Costa22 min read

A step by step guide on how to write your own Expo plugin for a project that requires native dependencies that arent included in Expo. Suitable for developers who are interested in writting their own plugin or facing problems adding native dependencies to the EAS CI. Furthermore, the main example in…

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Build a web3 SSO with MetaMask and Vendure

January 13, 2023Simon Kpenou5 min read

Web3 ecommerce : simple MetaMask SSO on a Vendure backend How to use a very popular crypto wallet as an identity provider to offer a simple, safe and well-known authentication method to crypto holders. Removing the hurdle of creating an account greatly improves user experience when building e…

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How to automate your life quickly with No Code?

January 12, 2023Alexis Ego5 min read

Make (ex Integromat) is one of the ultimate solutions on the market to automate your work life! It allows you to connect all your favorite online tools, like Google Sheets, Trello, Dropbox, and many others to create custom scenarios that automate the repetitive tasks of your daily life. You can say…

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