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Get rid of bugs due to front-back and back-back communication, by implementing contract testing with Pact

July 05, 2020jeanlucc9 min read

Image from the Pact documentation Exec summary Modern software development organizations scale their development efforts by spreading the development of a system across different teams. Such projects can have team work issues because interconnected applications that change often, create a lot of…

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Serverless Is More Than a Trend, Best Companies Adopt It

June 29, 2020Alex de Boutray6 min read

A recent article by the WSJ highlighting the benefits of serverless for organizations points at a building awareness by thought leaders about the impact this new trend can have for companies. It resonates with our own experience, celebrating successful serverless implementations with our clients in…

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Build an Animated Accordion List in React Native

June 27, 2020Benjamin Piggin7 min read

Accordion lists (or ExpandableListViews) are now a material design staple and show up in quite a few apps. They are a great way to dynamically display information to a user. When it comes to implementing one in your own app, sure, there are libraries that you can use. But implementing one yourself…

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Why it’s time to consider Azure to host your static application

June 15, 2020Clément Pasteau3 min read

The line between static & dynamic web applications is not what it used to be. With new frameworks like Gatsby or NextJS, the Jamstack is a strong option to get your application running in no time, whilst being able to scale it as needed. When it comes to hosting your app, there are dozens of…

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Don't overestimate the importance of performance when choosing a stack for your Web project

May 14, 2020Martin Pierret7 min read

A few months ago, a colleague of mine gave a talk detailing how great his recent experience with Go had been. As a side-note, he mentioned that Web applications written in Go were able to handle way greater loads than those powered by its mainstream Web competitors. This intrigued me: if this…

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