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How to develop on Shopify in 2021

April 28, 2021Quentin Churet10 min read

As a software developer, I often hear that No-Code is the future of app development. That in a few years, automatically generated code will replace all the frameworks that we currently have. With my young experience in this field I'm quite sceptical, because I still believe that to truly answer a…

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How to Check Your Website on Mobile in the Local Environment

April 28, 2021Victor Buridard11 min read

At Theodo, we develop solutions for both mobile and desktop. Most of the time we use the chrome device toolbar to see the visual rendering of the website when we develop in the local environment. Then when the code is deployed, we also check in the development/staging environment that everything…

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How To Make Tree Shakeable Libraries

April 13, 2021François Hendriks28 min read

At Theodo, our aim is to build reliable and fast applications for our customers. Some of our projects include improving the performance of already existing applications. During one of these missions, we managed to reduce the bundle size of all our pages by a whopping 500KB Gzipped by tree shaking…

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An introduction to DynamoDB data modeling

April 12, 2021Alexandre Pernin15 min read

I discovered DynamoDB a few months ago, in the context of a very high traffic web application built using the Serverless Framework. DynamoDB - as well as Single-Table design - was fairly new to me, and I quickly noticed that there are a few concepts to grasp before designing the first data models…

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Icon Library in React: Why Inline SVG Are Better than a Font

March 25, 2021Guillaume Égée11 min read

How I managed to choose a performant icon system adapted to a Next.js project with styled-components. Almost every website uses icons in order to quickly guide users or to improve the aesthetics of the page. Usually, designers can export icons to SVG format. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics…

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