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Create a PHP AI agent with LLPhant (powered by OpenAI)

February 27, 2024Thomas Hercule4 min read

AutoPHP is a PHP tool within LLPhant framework, tapping into OpenAI's GPT engine for task automation with PHP functions. The article walks through basic and complex examples, illustrating AutoPHP's current capabilities and highlighting its evolving potential.

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API Load Testing: Enhance Your Skills with Locust

February 27, 2024Paul Royer3 min read

Load testing is a serious job and doing it poorly can have disastrous consequences for big companies' production servers. But load testing is not only for experts in massive companies! You may want to quickly check that your server performances are appropriate, using only your own computer. Locust…

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Hexagonal Architecture for Dummies by a Dummy

February 13, 2024Gatien Ducornaud6 min read

TL;DR: You’ll discover the advantages of Hexagonal Architecture in: Simplifying Your Code: Transforming intricate coding and testing efforts into manageable, beginner-friendly tasks. Gaining Real-World Insights: Understand how applying Hexagonal Architecture in actual projects not only upholds code…

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Learn how to implement VAT for your e-commerce website with Sylius in 6 minutes

February 06, 2024Fabien Charlier6 min read

If you are using Sylius for your e-commerce website, then you will inevitably come across the subject of Value Added Tax (VAT). As a software engineer at Theodo, I have spent countless hours customizing every one of its aspects, for it to behave in the exact way I wanted it to. So you don't need to…

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Journeying to zero accessibility issues with Angular Testing Library

January 31, 2024Flora Soussand6 min read

I truly believe that web accessibility is crucial for creating products for everyone. I want to improve the accessibility of my project because I want to ensure equal access for everyone. To improve accessibility, we address some of the issues upon detection. Yet, we face a real challenge for…

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