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Why Aws Step Functions Is Not the Best Tool for Agile Development

January 27, 2021Marin Merlin8 min read

I recently worked on a project where we needed to orchestrate a process, applying for loan to be precise, which could take weeks. To do this, we decided on using a serverless architecture and specifically AWS Step functions. The use of such a framework helped us immensely to organize the flow of the…

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Why Rome Tools Isn't Ready to Replace Eslint, Webpack and Babel... Yet

December 18, 2020Hadrien Lucas6 min read

Introduction While building your React, Angular, or Vue project, you may have wondered why you needed to set up and configure Babel, Webpack, ESLint, and Prettier separately and tried to look for an existing bundled implementation of all the features these tools provide. That is when you might have…

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Get started with Django and Jupyter Notebooks on VSCode in minutes

December 17, 2020Arohan Subramonia12 min read

This is a guide primarily for developers familiar with Django, looking to add a data analytics or data science element to their web development project. Don't have much time and comfortable with Jupyter? Click here to see the initializer file you should create + import into every python script you…

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Build your own stickers component with react-konva

November 16, 2020Sarah Hamilton9 min read

Konva.js is an awesome HTML5 Canvas JavaScript framework that enables high performance animations for desktop and mobile applications. The framework's capabilities are useful and versatile - it can be integrated for many different and varied use cases. Konva.js deals well with touch genstures, drag…

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Create resizeable split panels in React

November 09, 2020Mansur Pasha12 min read

Resizable containers empower different users to customize a UI to emphasise what they find most important. A basic implementation of this is a split view or split pane, allowing users to enlarge content that is more relevant to them. There are libraries that can implement this feature for you, but…

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