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Stop Building Auth: a case for using prebuilt authentication in React Native

January 31, 2023Mo Khazali9 min read

Authentication is simultaneously one the most and least important parts of your application. By default, most mobile apps will remember the user’s credentials (since phones are normally personal devices). This means that the user might spend a couple of minutes signing up, or a few seconds logging…

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Docker is so cool...until it's not

January 30, 2023Ghali Elalaoui Elabdellaoui8 min read

Docker is a popular platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. It uses containers, which are isolated environments that allow developers to package an application and its dependencies into a single unit. Docker makes it easy to deploy and run applications on any environment, from a…

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Domain Name System explained

January 30, 2023Marie Lanza8 min read

What is DNS? Let’s say that you are new to web development, you learned JS, HTML and CSS and once you are looking to deploy your website, comes the DNS issues. In this article I explain how DNS works and give some tips for debugging, all through the lens of a single static website deployment on AWS…

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Making Unit tests easy: How to use mock data factories

January 26, 2023Guillaume Barra6 min read

Writing unit tests is (or should be) a large part of our job, so why not make it simpler? When we start writing unit tests for our projects, we’ll be creating a lot of mock data. So much that we sometimes forget that duplication is a code smell, as long as our tests are passing. However, there is a…

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How to build mobile apps like the world is ending

January 20, 2023Henry Deacy5 min read

When I began my career as an app developer, the main appeal to me was the idea that I could create without material. I didn’t need paint, bricks or steel, just my keyboard and enough time. Of course, another aspect which is becoming harder and harder to overlook is energy usage, and more importantly…

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