Don't overestimate the importance of performance when choosing a stack for your Web project

May 14, 2020Martin Pierret7 min read

A few months ago, a colleague of mine gave a talk detailing how great his recent experience with Go had been. As a side-note, he mentioned that Web applications written in Go were able to handle way greater loads than those powered by its mainstream Web competitors. This intrigued me: if this…

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Measure the server-side impact of your application with PowerAPI

May 14, 2020Cyrielle Willerval9 min read

According to a report made by The Shift Project, the carbon footprint of the digital is estimated to exceed air travel with more than 4% of the total greenhouse gas emissions. This number is expected to double in the next five years! Green IT principles aims to reduce the impact of the digital. As…

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Flask Debugging in VS Code with Hot-Reload 🔥

May 11, 2020Adrien Cacciaguerra8 min read

I love using a debugger when I code. It allows me to quickly understand why something does not work as intended, but also to get a faster and deeper understanding of code I did not write. Since I am so fond of using a debugger, when I started working on a Dockerized Flask application, my first…

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Stop losing data when writing Django migrations !

May 07, 2020François Farge8 min read

Saying that database structure is important is sort of an obvious statement. That is of course if you decided to use a structured database technology. But in that case, you want your database structure to be the closest to your functional and business needs, and the tightest in order to be able to…

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How to Remain Agile with DynamoDB

May 05, 2020Rob Cronin1 min read

Amazon DynamoDB is built to deliver single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. It is built to store Terabytes of data. It is built to support Amazon's Cyber Monday traffic. However, this scalability comes with an overhead. No matter what resource you look up, you will be constantly reminded…

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