Need to encrypt your existing AWS RDS database? Follow the guide!

November 13, 2019Vincent Larrat7 min read

AWS Cloud Security

Let's begin by a little game: let me guess how you reached this article, OK? You were working on a small project and wanted to deploy it on AWS, maybe it was your first cloud try. You configured basic database instance on RDS, and as there were a lot of ununderstandable options, you kept default…

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Web Accessibility Check Using the RGAA Guidelines

November 08, 2019Albéric Trancart13 min read


Web accessibility (a11y) can be a little disorienting for everyday developers. Here is a practical, down-to-earth guide with examples to help you make your websites more inclusive and comply with legislation. Why is accessibility important? There are three main reasons why you should make your apps…

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Why choose NestJS for your business

October 21, 2019William Duclot2 min read


There’s a number of aspects that come into choosing a particular technology to power your business. Developers have their own criteria (and you should listen to them), but it is important to understand the business implications. Our case is that NestJS is a strong candidate that should be seriously…

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Taking a Symfony & Vue project to the Nuxt level

October 04, 2019Jean-Philippe Dos Santos7 min read


If you did not read the first part yet, please have a look here before going further. Introduction In our last post, we explained: why our Twig / Vue mix was bad, in terms of development experience, maintainability and performance why we decided to migrate to a full Nuxt.js application. In this…

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Twig, Vue and Server Side Rendering: How It Went Sideways

September 27, 2019Cyril Gaunet8 min read

Server side rendering twig vue

One of our clients at Theodo runs a large marketplace. We launched an e-commerce platform for them back in 2016. To do so, the first frameworks used were: Symfony + Twig for templating jQuery for dynamic contents But in 2019, as performance was going down, we started thinking about server side…

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