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Conceptual Modelling in an Agile World: The key to good UX!

Modelling is a widely used tool in Computer Science, but often only thought about from a programming, architecture or requirements gathering perspective. There is a large amount of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research that shows the importance of modelling the underlying conceptual model of your system from the user’s perspective, ensuring you build a system… Continue reading

DevOps conference online!

My conference about adopting DevOps philosophy on Symfony projects is now online! In this presentation you will see what I think is the philosophy behind the DevOps movement and how to start with the 4 important aspects of adopting DevOps: Configuration Management with Puppet Development on the production environment with Vagrant Deployment automation with Fabric… Continue reading

Start using Vagrant

I had the chance to spread the good word by talking about adopting DevOps in Symfony projects at the Symfony Live conference. The feedback was very good (for those who attended and have not done so yet, you can give some feedback here: You can also find the slides here: and the source code of… Continue reading

Paris Devops meetup in Theodo’s new office

Yesterday, December first, Theodo had the pleasure to host the improvised first Paris Devops meetup in our new office! Samuel Maftoul and Philippe Müller managed to gather a very interesting and mixed crowd of devs and ops to discuss on the promising ideas that the Devops movement is bringing in the agile develpoment world. Were present :

Sergio Simone
Bruno Michel
Vincent Hardion
Claude Falguière
Ludovic Piot
Alexandre Rodière
Raphaël Pierquin
Philippe Muller
Laurent Bossavit
Samuel Maftoul
Vermeer Grange
Cyrille Le Clerc
François de Metz
Fabrice Bernhard
It was also the occasion to ask Laurent Bossavit to sign his book Gestion de projet : Extreme Programming which is our bible here at Theodo, a great honour 🙂

There were too many subjects and too little time during this first session to really tackle the technologies and ideas behind devops but it was a great occasion to meet diverse people and create a first contact. A very promising start for this new meetup!

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