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Navigating Camunda's Capabilities

September 19, 2023Florent Lefort10 min read

When aiming to deploy an application with a workflow, it's crucial to have tools to track and manage the objects that flow through it. This is where Camunda comes into play – a tool specifically designed for this task. In this article, the focus will be on delving into the detailed functionalities…

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Comparing iOS rendering performance: SwiftUI vs. React Native vs. Flutter

September 14, 2023Mo Khazali5 min read

When SwiftUI first came out, I remember reading about complaints around its performance. Some animations were janky (compared to UIKit) and app layouts were getting recalculated far too much, resulting in unnecessary computation power being used. People reported it being generally slower than UIKit…

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Revolutionise Your Mobile Project: React Native or Swift – The Ultimate Choice

September 13, 2023George Alexiou6 min read

In the ever-evolving landscape of app development, choosing the right programming language and framework can significantly affect the outcome of your project. This article aims to compare Swift and TypeScript, two popular languages, and dive deeper into the frameworks built upon them: SwiftUI and…

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Guide: How to improve your team’s code review process and maintain code quality

August 30, 2023Yosef Alnajjar5 min read

Introduction The code review part of the development pipeline is such a vital part to make sure that you're pushing clean code the team aligns with and prevent possible defects that the developer might have missed while writing the code. It's also the best way to contribute to the learning of the…

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Leverage Generative AI in your PHP E-Commerce website with Qdrant and LLPhant

August 28, 2023Maxime Thoonsen4 min read

There are many use cases of Generative AI: e-commerce search, customer support and sales optimization, law case search... To help e-commerce and other use cases written in PHP, I'm happy..I'm happy to announce the addition of Qdrant as a vectorStore in LLPhant to open up the possibility of making…

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