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Nightly End-to-End & Performance Tests with Flashlight

November 30, 2023Mo Khazali5 min read

Several years ago, I was working on a web project that had quite a number of critical web flows that needed to be regularly tested to make sure that there weren't any regressions from functionality or performance across the app. On the web, this was pretty easy. We had nightly Cypress tests running…

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How to Simply Generate a PDF From HTML in Symfony With WeasyPrint

November 30, 2023Damien Clauzon6 min read

A thousand PDF generation solutions, but which one to choose? Recently, I was faced with a problem that many developers fear and avoid: generating a PDF document. There are lots of libraries handling this, the problem is knowing which one best fits your project. For my specific use case, I had to…

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How to migrate from Api Platform v2 to v3?

November 28, 2023Grégoire AbachinSébastien Touzé8 min read

We updated several projects from Api Platform v2 to v3 and felt that some aspects of the migration were not fully covered in the documentation. This article shares our feedback on the migration process and helps you to migrate your application to the latest version of Api Platform.

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Whisper to your keyboard: Setting up a speech-to-text button

November 07, 2023Jérémie Chauvel3 min read

Long story short: I broke my arm while riding my bike and I can't type. Quite the problem as typing is a key part of my daily life as a software engineer. So I decided to add a speech to text button to my keyboard. Here's how I did it...

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What's the point of StyleSheets in React Native?

October 27, 2023Mo Khazali3 min read

Over the years, I've heard whispers of the mystic powers of StyleSheet.create, and how not using StyleSheet would negatively affect performance. The other day, curiosity got the better of me, and I went down a rabbit-hole of looking into the React Native source code to see if I can validate the…

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