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Solve N+1 performance issues forever on Django with Pytest

November 03, 2022Clément Marcilhacy2 min read

Have you ever improved the performance of your Django apps by tackling N+1 performance issues, but after some time developing new features on your project, the performance problems came back? Solving N+1 queries problem in Django is often quite straightforward using prefetch_related and select…

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Quantum sudoku

October 27, 2022Ivan Popkov17 min read

Introduction In 2022 Elsevier, one of the biggest scientific publishing companies, published a report on Quantum computing research trends. Conclusion made by the authors - “Quantum technologies are shifting toward enabling real-world uses”. Quantum cryptography, they state, is already seeing some…

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Prevent Regressions with Visual Testing: An Example with Percy

October 20, 2022Robin Carrez6 min read

Visual Regression Testing? What is it? At first, it was a mystery for me too. But this testing method saved me from breaking my application many times already. I discovered the Visual Regression Testing method while working on a project. In the beginning, it was only a failing job on my pipeline…

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Keep your DevX Problems at Bay: the Kaizen

October 10, 2022Alexis Reymann8 min read

Kai: change, Zen: good This is the story of Bill. Bill is a full-stack developer at DevYourSite Inc. Bill has the same developer life as you, that is, he is given a feature to implement, he thinks about how he'd design it, then he implements it, tests it and pushes it to production. Bill’s project…

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Go Traps - nil interfaces

August 30, 2022Ewen Quimerc'h5 min read

Go is one of the programming languages I love the most. It allows a very fast execution time (unlike Python) without affecting negatively the developer experience (unlike C), and is strongly typed (unlike TS where you can lie to the compiler). But it has some flaws, and nil interfaces are a tricky…

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