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Are Typecript Enums Really Harmful?

March 30, 2023Michael Kim11 min read

🤺 Are TypeScript Enums Really Harmful? One of the current trends in the TypeScript space seems to be criticising TypeScript native enums and claiming they are unsafe to use. I first came across the "enum drama" through videos from big creators in the space such as Matt Pocock and Theo, who…

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Handling Supabase Password Reset in React Native

March 29, 2023Mo Khazali9 min read

When working on a project that used Supabase for its authentication, we faced many issues in the password reset flow. Our app was using React Native on the front end, and Supabase on the backend. The official documentation had a section describing how to implement the password reset flow using the…

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How to safely deploy new features without breaking your production

March 27, 2023Nathan Boulanger8 min read

Deploying new features in production can often be frightening. It's difficult to test a new feature as thoroughly as desired in a staging environment, especially if there is a large pool of users to your application. There is always the fear of missing some tricky edge cases that may occur in…

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Love HATEOAS with Symfony and API Platform

March 20, 2023Thomas Eudes11 min read

HATEOAS (Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State) is a part of the REST standard that can help you create more robust and maintainable web services. By including hypermedia links within its responses, a server can indicate the possible actions that the clients can perform depending on the…

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From Responsive on Mobile to Mobile-First

March 16, 2023Mo Khazali4 min read

It’s no secret that web development has changed massively with the rise of smartphones. Back in the day, websites were typically targeting desktop resolutions, and many websites required you to use a computer to have a pleasant experience. Here’s a little flashback: when Apple was launching…

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