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3D in web: how to start?

June 07, 2023Remi Peruto6 min read

Introduction What do the Avatar movie, a Rubik’s cube and car gear parts have in common? You were right: 3 dimensions (3D)! I majored in 3D modeling which is a topic I adore. This technology is broadly used: animation, video game, computer-aided-design, etc. Then, I was recruited by Theodo as a…

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Boost Your Next.js Commerce with Sylius: Introducing Sylext

June 05, 2023Charles DUVIGNEAU3 min read

If you are a PHP developer looking to create a fully customized e-commerce website, we recommend using Sylius as your e-commerce solution. With its modular and decoupled architecture, Sylius makes it effortless to integrate with third-party services and extend its functionality using custom code…

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Building Whitelabel Mobile Apps: A Comprehensive Guide of Technical Considerations

May 25, 2023Mo Khazali9 min read

Introduction Imagine this scenario: You've just joined as a lead engineer at Burrito Ring, an international chain of average tasting TexMex fast food. Your first project is to develop a mobile app that allows users to view the menu, check allergens, and order food within the restaurant. After six…

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Teaching Custom Knowledge to AI Chatbots

May 23, 2023Will Alexander9 min read

This article explains how to build a chatbot that's an expert on your custom knowledge base - by augmenting ChatGPT using embedding similarity search in Supabase. We also discuss prompt engineering, suggest hyperparameter values, evaluate performance, and propose further work. Background You’ve…

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The State of Building Native Mobile and Web Apps from a Single Codebase with React Native in 2023

May 03, 2023Mo Khazali9 min read

This article is a write-up based on a talk I've given called "Building Universal Apps in React Native". It was first delivered at iJS Conference London in April 2023. This article is not meant to go into detail about all of the components to build a universal app, rather it aims to break down the…

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