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How to migrate from Api Platform v2 to v3?

November 28, 2023Grégoire AbachinSébastien Touzé8 min read

We updated several projects from Api Platform v2 to v3 and felt that some aspects of the migration were not fully covered in the documentation. This article shares our feedback on the migration process and helps you to migrate your application to the latest version of Api Platform.

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Whisper to your keyboard: Setting up a speech-to-text button

November 07, 2023Jérémie Chauvel3 min read

Long story short: I broke my arm while riding my bike and I can't type. Quite the problem as typing is a key part of my daily life as a software engineer. So I decided to add a speech to text button to my keyboard. Here's how I did it...

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What's the point of StyleSheets in React Native?

October 27, 2023Mo Khazali3 min read

Over the years, I've heard whispers of the mystic powers of StyleSheet.create, and how not using StyleSheet would negatively affect performance. The other day, curiosity got the better of me, and I went down a rabbit-hole of looking into the React Native source code to see if I can validate the…

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How Did I Improve the Performance of my Website using Protobuf?

October 16, 2023Anne-Sophie Jourlin6 min read

For my very first project at Theodo, I worked on a website designed for scientists who wanted to track the progress of an experiment. My task involved improving graphs with large amounts of data. However, the data retrieval process turned out to be a battlefield against lagging performance…

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Feature flags implementation in Nest.js 😻

October 10, 2023Edouard Lacourt8 min read

😵 The issue As a web developer, you know that it's important to be able to deploy new features to users quickly and efficiently. But how can you do this without disrupting your development process? Let's imagine that a web project uses two environments: A staging environment where tests are…

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