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Articles for Vue.js/Nuxt.js

How to Choose Between Different Code Reusable Pattern in Vue.js?

Théo Dollé10 min read

a jigsaw piece is placed in a puzzle

As developers at Theodo, we are always looking for efficient ways to reuse our code without repeating ourselves (DRY principle). In the context of an e-commerce project using the Vue Storefront framework and Vue 2, we had the opportunity…

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How DUOLAB uses artificial intelligence to improve your skin

Sarah Hamilton4 min read

For a long time people (including myself) have used the same skin care routine everyday. Only occasionally do we switch up our products for a different brand. The creams are opened and resealed multiple times a week, resulting in the…

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How real developers use a CMS to build a showcase website with Netlify, Nuxtjs, and Contentful

Jérémie Chauvel13 min read

A CMS driven static website with Netlify, Nuxtjs, and Contentful

Why build a CMS driven showcase website? Here you are, you just started a project to build the latest shiny showcase website for your client. Now comes the difficult part: you want to offer your client the best bang for his…

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How to Integrate Typescript with Vue.Js

Victor Gobel10 min read

Vue and TypeScript logo

A few weeks ago I started a new Vue project. One of my co-dev recommended using TypeScript on our project: "It will help us spot bugs and mistakes, and the sooner we add it, the easier it will be". It was…

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Taking a Symfony & Vue project to the Nuxt level

Jean-Philippe Dos Santos6 min read

If you did not read the first part yet, please have a look here before going further. Introduction In our last post, we explained:why our Twig / Vue mix was bad, in terms of development experience, maintainability and performancewhy we decided to…

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We want you to make reusable UI components

Léo Anesi2 min read

A year ago I was a young developer starting his journey on React. My client came to see my team and told us: “We need to make reusable components”, I asked him: “What is a reusable component?” and the answer…

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Next.js: Use Server-Side Rendering in your React App // Part 1

Baptiste Jan7 min read

Usually, we are completely running React.js on client-side: Javascript is interpreted by your browser. The initial html returned by the server contains a placeholder, e.g. <div id="root"></div>, and then, once all your scripts are loaded, the entire UI is rendered in…

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Medium-like Image Loading with Vue.js (part 2)

Louis Zawadzki5 min read

Quick summary of part 1 I’m quite fond of the way Medium displays its images while they’re loading.At first they display a grey placeholder, then displays a small version of the image - something like 27x17 pixels. The trick is that most…

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Medium-like Image Loading with Vue.js (part 1)

Louis Zawadzki4 min read

When I’m stuck on a train or queuing at the supermarket I usually read one or two articles on Medium. There’s plenty of stuff that I really love about Medium. Like the email they send me every morning. Or the personal…

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