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Articles from Tristan Roussel

Revert the Revert and Avoid Conflicts

November 13, 2016Tristan Roussel2 min read

Let me tell you my story about git, conflicts and reverts. On a project, I start a feature on a branch, open a pull request towards master branch and merge it by mistake before finishing my code. No git story would be complete without drawings. Mistake Oops! What is the clean way to fix my mistake…

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Lost in Symfony XLIFF translations

March 09, 2016Tristan Roussel1 min read

XLIFF? XLIFF is one of the 3 different formats you can use for translation in Symfony. It is the recommended format because of its standard use by professional translators. In Symfony, ids in XLIFF have no particular meaning, all you need is for them to be distinct in the same file. Everything is…

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Faster-than-light composer on Mac with HHVM

September 11, 2015Tristan Roussel2 min read

Hyperspeed Hello my dearest Mac geeks! A long long time ago, Facebook released a shiny machine named HHVM. It could execute PHP very fast and was compatible with Mac OS X. Time has passed, HHVM was still incredibly fast, but lost its compatibility with Mac. A few days ago, after 2 years of intense…

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Do you even rerere?

January 19, 2015Tristan Roussel10 min read

TL;DR: git hidden gem to remember how to solve conflicts Hello my dearest git geeks! Do you know about git-rerere? It's a little thing that saved my life once and I want to explain to you how it can help you too in your workflow. First, let me explain what is rerere: _RE_use _RE_corded _RE_solution…

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SfPot Paris 2014-12-12 @Pepinière 27

December 22, 2014Tristan Roussel5 min read

I went to SfPot meetup at Pepinière 27 (website, Twitter) on second to last Friday with fellow colleagues Simon, Thierry, Kinga, and Paul. One particular talk retained my attention and I want to tell you about it. Let me warn you first, this is just an introduction, and I'm not going into much…

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ParisJS 2014-10-29 @Deezer

October 31, 2014Tristan Roussel3 min read

I went to ParisJS meetup at Deezer headquarters last Wednesday with fellow colleagues Aurélie and Valentin. There were some awesome talks, so I'd like to give you some lightning advertising about them. 1st talk: Khalid Jebbari (GitHub, Twitter), meetup organizer, on GSS Khalid spent most of his talk…

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