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Articles from Sammy Teillet

The lamp, the tunnel, the lean

October 11, 2017Sammy Teillet5 min read

This article is about IOT, DIY and lamps, and a little bit of lean. ilovelamp So 2 weeks ago we bought some lamps! And since we are a bunch of nerds we bought a bridge to play with them. I am not going to hide the brand to make this article clearer. So we had this lamp and this bridge And then we…

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Facebook Live Videos Made Interactive

December 09, 2016Sammy Teillet2 min read

Facebook released its new feature: the Live Video. You're surely aware that America elected a new president and you may remember the buzz of that night: the live from ABC News asking who will win, by making people vote through the Facebook reactions. Like the live for Trump, love it for Hillary. The…

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The LoopBack REST Connector and its secrets

October 28, 2016Sammy Teillet8 min read

I had a lot of trouble using the Loopback REST connector reading the existing documentation and I'm sure you'll have less issues by reading this first. Summary This article will show how to: Use API methods from your server Use environment variables for production Get values from the headers of a…

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Implementing A/B Testing in Only 5 Minutes!

July 29, 2016Sammy Teillet3 min read

Have you ever met a coworker or client which is persuaded that you should do this way while you think it'd be better that way? Instead of infinite debate what you need is facts! Let's Not Make a Choice! WhyNotBoth The choice is not yours, it belongs to your users. The aim of A/B testing (or split…

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