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Articles from Benjamin Piggin

How AnotherDay and Theodo built a big data geospatial analytics platform

March 02, 2022Benjamin Piggin2 min read

Map with accumulation radius

AnotherDay’s Cascade platform provides businesses with the ultimate risk and intelligence management platform. With risk assessment at the heart of so many international standards, many business suffer from competing standards for tracking and mitigating risk. Often, large spreadsheets, unwieldy…

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Build an Animated Accordion List in React Native

June 27, 2020Benjamin Piggin6 min read


Accordion lists (or ExpandableListViews) are now a material design staple and show up in quite a few apps. They are a great way to dynamically display information to a user. When it comes to implementing one in your own app, sure, there are libraries that you can use. But implementing one yourself…

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