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Articles from Yu Ling Cheng

[DevUx] Zeplin vs InVision? The best tool for design handoff

November 27, 2018Yu Ling Cheng10 min read

Zeplin vs InVision: I work for a service company as a lead developer and we have been using these tools on different projects for mockup integration. I teamed up with France Wang, lead designer at BAM, to list the pros and cons and give you our combined point of view on these design handoff tools…

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Have your MVP Running in Prod within 15 Minutes with Serverless

February 15, 2017Yu Ling Cheng13 min read

I always feel guilty when I suddenly motivate myself to go to the gym, then have all the painful thoughts like going out in the cold, being sweaty and feeling stiff afterward and decide that I'd rather stay in bed watching my favorite series. I have the same mixed feelings when I get an idea of the…

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