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Articles from Vincent Langlet

Learn To Code With Style: Use Linters!

May 01, 2017Vincent Langlet3 min read

Are you tired of always writing the same comments on others pull requests? Are you tired of always reading the same comments on your pull requests? Stop wasting time, here’s the solution. Step One: Install linters on your project For your php files Inspired by this CodeSniffer and PhpStorm Code…

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One Year With Wkhtmltopdf: One Thousand One Problems, One Thousand One Solutions

January 30, 2017Vincent Langlet2 min read

In the previous article, we saw how to use wkhtmltopdf. But, when I did it, I encountered problems that I really want to share with you. Each problem has a solution First, you have to understand what wkhtmltopdf does: rendering the html with 'its own browser'. So, when something does not seem to…

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One Year With Wkhtmltopdf: One Thousand Problems, One Thousand Solutions

December 11, 2016Vincent Langlet2 min read

Have you ever tried to generate a pdf in your application? This year, I have. Twice. I'm sure there are several means to this end. For example, one of my colleagues used phantomjs and then wrote an article about his experience. But if I'm here now, it's to tell you my story with wkhtmltopdf. It all…

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One file to rule them all

March 01, 2016Vincent Langlet1 min read

Why use EditorConfig? Developers do not want to take time to define and maintain consistent coding styles. But what if: your team uses different editors and IDEs? your team members are never the same? you are on several projects at the same time? Yes, you can set project settings, and ask your team…

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