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Articles from Tristan Pouliquen

How to link and open files with custom extensions with Electron for Windows

December 10, 2015Tristan Pouliquen2 min read

Following our introduction to the Electron framework and our demo using Angular with Electron, the Electron experience continues! In this article dedicated to the Windows platform, we will expand on how to associate a file extension to your Electron application and how to import a data store from a…

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Unleash the power of AngularJS to your users' computers

November 23, 2015Tristan Pouliquen3 min read

Following our introduction to the Electron framework, this article wants to give you the tools to develop and serve a real, complex application to your users, regardless of their platform. To illustrate this article, we enriched our electron-boilerplate repository. You can checkout the electron-with…

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Electron or how cross-platform development became effortless

November 19, 2015Tristan Pouliquen4 min read

Electron, formerly known as Atom Shell, is an awesome framework that lets you develop and build applications for all operating systems as seamlessly as possible! Here is how we started working with it and appreciating it! How we came across Electron At Theodo, we are specialised in web technologies…

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Paris Devops Meetup : Comment partager la culture Devops au sein de son entreprise ?

November 17, 2015Tristan Pouliquen3 min read

This blog post is in French as the event it relates to is French-only. Comme tous les premiers mardi du mois, le groupe Paris Devops a organisé son meetup, cette fois-ci dans les locaux de Dailymotion. Paris Devops est un groupe qui promeut la culture DevOps dans le milieu de l'entreprise. Un Open…

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