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Articles from Tomas Piga

How I chose the #1 graph library for my React project

August 15, 2019Tomas Piga16 min read

TL;DR Reviewed the 6 most recommended React libraries and found the following answers among them: Strongest community support? Recharts Most liked libraries? Nivo and VX Most graphs and features? React-Vis Most maintained currently? Victory Starting a long-term project? React-Vis The least likely to…

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Wow your customers with simple UI & UX principles

January 28, 2019Tomas Piga8 min read

When it comes to the web, the main idea of a website or app is to either sell a product (including services) or be that product. Generally, a product is about delivering a message or some sort of value to a User. Many people don’t value the U in that sentence. User experience is about maximising the…

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