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Articles from Thibaut Gatouillat

Keep Calm and Love JavaScript Unit Tests - Part 2: Asynchronism

June 15, 2016Thibaut Gatouillat3 min read

In the previous article we discovered how to write simple unit tests thanks to the Mocha-Sinon-Chai stack. Let’s now continue with this stack and focus on a problem we will necessarily be confronted to if we use JavaScript: testing asynchronous code. A full working example of the code snippets shown…

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Keep calm and love JavaScript unit tests - Part 1

April 18, 2016Thibaut Gatouillat7 min read

A few months ago, we started a project with a Node.js backend. During this project we learned how to write clean and efficient tests, and we decided to write about it. In this first part we will present the tools we used to test our application and why they are great. We will show you examples of…

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