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Articles from Thibaut Cheymol

What is the future of Meteorjs

March 05, 2016Thibaut Cheymol3 min read

A few weeks ago, I went to a Meteor meetup. On this occasion, I had the chance to attend a highly instructive debate about the future of a framework I like. I will try to give you a quick summary of everything I heard. Of course, without sponsor, there is no event, I would like to thank 42mg's team…

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Set up MongoDB on a Travis container

November 03, 2015Thibaut Cheymol2 min read

The new Travis Docker infrastructure Late December 2014, Travis announced the implementation of their new infrastructure based on Docker containers in order to improve build capacity, build start time, and resources usage. You can learn more about it on this very detailed article: Faster Builds with…

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