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Learn how to implement VAT for your e-commerce website with Sylius in 6 minutes

Fabien Charlier8 min read

Learn how to implement VAT for your e-commerce website with Sylius in 6 minutes

If you are using Sylius for your e-commerce website, then you will inevitably come across the subject of Value Added Tax (VAT). As a software engineer at Theodo, I have spent countless hours customizing every one of its aspects, for…

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Event Sourcing? What, why, how in 5 minutes

Arthur Naudy7 min read

Event Sourcing? What, why, how in 5 minutes

Event sourcing is an architectural pattern that provides a highly comprehensible audit trail. Tracking patient medical data, tracking transactions for financial services to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, or tracking the movement of goods in a supply chain process… Event sourcing…

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How to Simply Generate a PDF From HTML in Symfony With WeasyPrint

Damien Clauzon8 min read

WeasyPrint HTML to PDF

A thousand PDF generation solutions, but which one to choose? Recently, I was faced with a problem that many developers fear and avoid: generating a PDF document. There are lots of libraries handling this, the problem is knowing which one best fits…

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How to migrate from Api Platform v2 to v3?

Grégoire AbachinSébastien Touzé9 min read

upgrade your api platform version to version 3

We updated several projects from Api Platform v2 to v3 and felt that some aspects of the migration were not fully covered in the documentation. This article shares our feedback on the migration process and helps you to migrate your application to the latest version of Api Platform.

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How to ensure that all the routes on my Symfony app have access control

Thomas Hercule9 min read

Symfony logo

On my Symfony project, I wanted to verify if all the routes in my app had access control. This article will guide you through setting up an automated check for access control on your Symfony routes. TL;DREffective access control involves both…

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Leverage Generative AI in your PHP E-Commerce website with Qdrant and LLPhant

Maxime Thoonsen5 min read

LLPhant Logo

There are many use cases of Generative AI: e-commerce search, customer support and sales optimization, law case search... To help e-commerce and other use cases written in PHP, I'm happy..I'm happy to announce the addition of Qdrant as a vectorStore in…

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Boost Your Next.js Commerce with Sylius: Introducing Sylext

Charles DUVIGNEAU3 min read

Sylius Next.js Commerce Headless

If you are a PHP developer looking to create a fully customized e-commerce website, we recommend using Sylius as your e-commerce solution. With its modular and decoupled architecture, Sylius makes it effortless to integrate with third-party services and extend its…

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Retrieve an Object with Desired Subresources with API Platform

Souleyman BEN HADJ BELGACEM9 min read

API Platform

API Platform offers a lot of possibilities, once you learn to leverage its full capabilities, it will send your development skills to the next level, that’s what I learned when I discovered how to use data providers and extensions. API…

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Love HATEOAS with Symfony and API Platform

Thomas Eudes10 min read

Symfony, API Platform and REST logos

HATEOAS (Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State) is a part of the REST standard that can help you create more robust and maintainable web services. By including hypermedia links within its responses, a server can indicate the possible actions…

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The Guide I Wish I Had to Implement a Jwt Auth in Symfony

Loïc Chau8 min read

Symfony and JWT logos

Symfony is a great framework with very exhaustive documentation; too exhaustive sometimes. As I started my project I got lost too many times in the documentation... This is the article I wish I had to guide me through the implementation…

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