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Using Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose to generate business insights

August 03, 2022Ajani Motta7 min read

This article will focus on using Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose to route Lambda destination logs to S3 and connecting to QuickSight (in order to analyze product performance from a business perspective). Event-driven architecture is a popular application design approach which uses events to trigger and…

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Serverless, DynamoDB, Streams, Filter Patterns and You

April 06, 2022Nathan Dolzonek4 min read

This article will cover filter patterns in the serverless framework as they apply to DynamoDB streams, but the principles apply to filter patterns on other event types as well (kinesis, event bridge, etc...) DynamoDB Streams provide near real time information on all data modifications that occur in…

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Comparison of Cloud Run and Lambda to render Blender scenes serverlessly

November 09, 2021JR Beaudoin5 min read

In a recent post, I explained how to run Blender render jobs on AWS Lambda functions, using Lambda container images. As a follow-up, today I am looking at the same workload running on Cloud Run, the easiest serverless way to run a container on Google Cloud Platform. Test protocol vCPUs and RAM A…

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AWS Fargate: harness the power of serverless for long-running computational tasks

September 14, 2021James Haworth Wheatman10 min read

TLDR: We all know the advantages of serverless computing: pay only for what you use; scale up and down with ease; abstract away the complexities of managing servers. In this article, I illustrate how you can acquire these benefits for long computational tasks which are too large for Lambda or Google…

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Rendering Blender scenes in the cloud with AWS Lambda

August 28, 2021JR Beaudoin4 min read

You can fairly easily leverage AWS Lambda to render scenes with Blender. It can make sense to use Lambda functions if you need to render a large number of assets in little time and if each asset is simple enough to be loaded and rendered in reasonable time (within the maximum lifetime of a Lambda…

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Sending Financial Data to Salesforce Without the Hassle Thanks to Codat and Amazon AppFlow

August 11, 2021JR Beaudoin2 min read

We’ve recently built a secure data pipeline for a customer called Founders First Capital Partners. They needed to automatically load large amounts of financial data into Salesforce, their CRM, in order to make investment decisions. We used Amazon’s managed data integration service — AppFlow — which…

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An introduction to DynamoDB data modeling

April 12, 2021Alexandre Pernin15 min read

I discovered DynamoDB a few months ago, in the context of a very high traffic web application built using the Serverless Framework. DynamoDB - as well as Single-Table design - was fairly new to me, and I quickly noticed that there are a few concepts to grasp before designing the first data models…

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Why Aws Step Functions Is Not the Best Tool for Business Processes

January 27, 2021Marin Merlin8 min read

I recently worked on a project where we needed to orchestrate a process, applying for loan to be precise, which could take weeks. To do this, we decided on using a serverless architecture and specifically AWS Step functions. The use of such a framework helped us immensely to organize the flow of the…

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Prevent AWS from Reading Your Step Functions Data

August 31, 2020Axel Fournier6 min read

AWS Step Functions is the perfect tool to handle long-running, complex or business-critical workflows such as payment or subscription flows. However, a naive implementation could put sensitive data at risk. What is AWS Step Functions? AWS Step Functions is an Amazon cloud service designed to create…

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Serverless Is More Than a Trend, Best Companies Adopt It

June 29, 2020Alex de Boutray6 min read

A recent article by the WSJ highlighting the benefits of serverless for organizations points at a building awareness by thought leaders about the impact this new trend can have for companies. It resonates with our own experience, celebrating successful serverless implementations with our clients in…

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How to Remain Agile with DynamoDB

May 05, 2020Rob Cronin1 min read

Amazon DynamoDB is built to deliver single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. It is built to store Terabytes of data. It is built to support Amazon's Cyber Monday traffic. However, this scalability comes with an overhead. No matter what resource you look up, you will be constantly reminded…

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Why You Need a Framework When Doing Serverless

April 27, 2020JR Beaudoin2 min read

We are proud to have been selected as a Serverless Framework official partner. It rewards our investment in the technology and reflects our strong belief that this framework is currently the best in the market. Using a Framework When Going Serverless is a Must Recently, one of our clients’ technical…

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Serverless: a New Paradigm

April 03, 2020Oussamah Jaber5 min read

Since its creation in 2014, AWS' Serverless has delivered by reducing the cost of infrastructure management while increasing speed, agility, and scalability. What is Serverless? “Serverless allows you to build and run applications and services without thinking about servers” — AWS Serverless shifts…

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Build a Real-Time Serverless Web Application with AWS

July 24, 2019Corentin Doue16 min read

At first glance, serverless and web real-time doesn't seem to easily match together. The aim of serverless is to have a very short-lived backend whereas web real-time require to keep an open connection with this backend. We were curious at Theodo to understand to what extent it was possible to add a…

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Store your data in AWS Serverless architecture

July 17, 2019Corentin Doue8 min read

Before building a serverless app, it is important to truly understand how serverless works in AWS and what modules are available and useful for such an architecture. This article is a follow-up to the previous article Understand AWS serverless architecture in 10 minutes.  It’s an overview of the…

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Understand AWS Serverless architecture in 10 minutes

July 17, 2019Corentin Doue9 min read

Serverless provides scalability. It also solves the waste of having servers up and running when no one needs them, by instantiating and running your business functions only when needed.  That’s why at Theodo we are excited about serverless and developing serverless apps. But building a serverless…

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Deploy a NestJS App with Serverless Framework

June 03, 2019Jean Delevoye10 min read

Here in Theodo we are very enthusiastic about NestJS framework. It is quite young but we consider it currently one of the best NodeJS frameworks. Recently, we asked ourselves if it was possible to deploy serverless NestJS applications. Serverless is a new paradigm that will help you to quickly…

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How to Deploy a PHP Symfony Application on AWS Lambda Using Bref?

May 23, 2019Thibaud Lemaire10 min read

Serverless is a trendy cloud-computing execution model aiming to release developers from taking care of server management and to bill on demand for the used resources. Developers just have to provide their application’s code while the cloud provider is in charge of running it in response to events…

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Integrating Lambda Layers into your Node.js Lambdas using pre-configured templates

January 26, 2019Rob Cronin5 min read

AWS recently released the ability to add layers to your lambda functions. These layers can be standalone code to be reused across multiple lambdas, library dependencies or custom runtimes. This article will go through a setup for the first use case for a standard nodejs8.10 lambda using templates to…

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Prevent Lazy GitHub Practices in 10 minutes using AWS Lambdas

April 08, 2018Rob Cronin5 min read

Using AWS lambdas can be a cool and useful way to improve your workflow with GitHub. Blocking merges when tests fail on your branch is common, but GitHub status checks can be pushed much further. Combining GitHub's API and Lambdas provides this opportunity. Status Checks Turns out we can use a…

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Serverless Applications with AWS and Travis: Make Deployment Great Again

August 11, 2017Pierre Marcenac9 min read

The purpose of this tutorial is to automatically deploy a serverless API with two deployment environments (development and production) from scratch. Using the Amazon Web Services (AWS), this will be a matter of minutes! We will use Node.js and several tools which all come with a freemium model: AWS…

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Have your MVP Running in Prod within 15 Minutes with Serverless

February 15, 2017Yu Ling Cheng13 min read

I always feel guilty when I suddenly motivate myself to go to the gym, then have all the painful thoughts like going out in the cold, being sweaty and feeling stiff afterward and decide that I'd rather stay in bed watching my favorite series. I have the same mixed feelings when I get an idea of the…

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