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Articles from Sam Bunce

NestJS-admin alpha released!

September 19, 2019Sam Bunce1 min read

What is NestJS Admin? For the past few weeks, a team at Theodo has been building nestjs-admin, a new library that automatically generates an administration interface for a NestJS project. We already wrote a post about what we're doing and why. We've built a lot on Django in the past, and its admin…

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Why Theodo is investing in an admin for NestJS

August 29, 2019Sam Bunce2 min read

Why we love NestJS We like NestJS at Theodo because we find it to be the most versatile and easy-to-use Node.js framework for fast, impactful projects. The majority of our frontends are built in React, so using NestJS allows us to leverage full-stack Typescript, helping bridge the gap between…

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Automatically publish to Facebook pages with Python

February 11, 2019Sam Bunce3 min read

Publishing to Facebook programmatically can seem like a complex affair, with several tricky steps, particularly authentication. Documentation of these steps can be scattered, obtuse, and deterring to the would-be poster. In this article I’ll break down each step, with code snippets, from…

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