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Articles from Sadiq Damani

Why Apple Rejected this App 6 times for Out-Of-App Purchase Adverts

Sadiq Damani4 min read

An app store icon with text saying Rejected

Stories of Mobile App Store Rejections This series of blogs uncovers the nuanced reasons why Google and Apple may reject your Mobile Application entering their App Stores. Whilst both entities publish why apps may be rejected, sharing real examples of mobile…

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Beating Corporate Bureaucracy with Progressive Web Apps Instead of Mobile Apps

Sadiq Damani3 min read

A man running against groups of office workers with a mobile app

Overview Are progressive web apps (PWAs) a replacement for native mobile apps? No. But, can they be the smart and pragmatic way to solve a clunky user experience with minimal fuss? Absolutely. You should actively consider PWAs whenever you think you need a…

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Disrupting B2B payments & driving purchasing efficiencies for SMBs

Sadiq Damani6 min read

Traditional payments process for SMBs

SMBs are in need of innovative and connected tools that solve these complex problems. Theodo and Codat partnered to produce a proof of concept application that showcases how fintechs and incumbent banks can help small businesses drive payment efficiencies by…

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