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Articles from Rob Cronin

How to Remain Agile with DynamoDB

May 05, 2020Rob Cronin1 min read

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Amazon DynamoDB is built to deliver single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. It is built to store Terabytes of data. It is built to support Amazon's Cyber Monday traffic. However, this scalability comes with an overhead. No matter what resource you look up, you will be constantly reminded…

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Integrating Lambda Layers into your Node.js Lambdas using pre-configured templates

January 26, 2019Rob Cronin3 min read

AWS recently released the ability to add layers to your lambda functions. These layers can be standalone code to be reused across multiple lambdas, library dependencies or custom runtimes. This article will go through a setup for the first use case for a standard nodejs8.10 lambda using templates to…

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Prevent Lazy GitHub Practices in 10 minutes using AWS Lambdas

April 08, 2018Rob Cronin3 min read

Using AWS lambdas can be a cool and useful way to improve your workflow with GitHub. Blocking merges when tests fail on your branch is common, but GitHub status checks can be pushed much further. Combining GitHub's API and Lambdas provides this opportunity. Status Checks Turns out we can use a…

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