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Articles from Reynald Mandel

Automatic updates with post merge git hook

April 03, 2019Reynald Mandel2 min read

Have you ever looked for a bug that happens only locally ? That was due to a missing DB migration after a git pull ? Or a failing webpack compilation due to an inexisting node module ? Well, I have good news for you ;) Install git hooks! As specified in this article, git hooks are powerful tools…

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Theodo accueille le Symfony Pot mardi 20 octobre !

October 16, 2015Reynald Mandel1 min read

Theodo est heureux d'accueillir le Symfony Pot du mois d'octobre ! Tout d'abord un petit mot sur les fameux SfPot (pour les intimes ;) ). Le principe est de se regrouper un soir par mois autour de 2-3 talks en lien avec Symfony. Les sujets restent néanmoins très ouverts et variés car un développeur…

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Human Talk Paris - September

September 18, 2015Reynald Mandel3 min read

Last week, Theodo was at the Human Talk Meetup. It's a small afterwork event where developpers speak without restrictions about any topic during 4 sessions of 10 minutes each. Each talk was really really interesting and the subjects were quite diverse. Therefore I will dedicate one paragraph to each…

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Easy Travis configuration for your Symfony2 tests using mysql database!

March 27, 2014Reynald Mandel2 min read

Wanna kick start a project? Wanna get straight to the code as fast as possible, without spending too much time on the overheads (creating tests environments and so on...)? Well, let's build a quick ready-to-go Travis environment with a mysql database for your tests! 3 minutes starting now! Travis…

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