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Articles from Remy Luciani

DROWN attack: check your server configuration

March 02, 2016Remy Luciani1 min read

A new security vulnerability has been detected in HTTPS yesterday: DROWN. The attack can decrypt a HTTPS connection. Impact: hackers can steal your users data, such as their password, credit card number and personal information. Basically, your server is vulnerable if it is able to handle HTTPS…

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Next PHP event sponsored by Theodo

July 12, 2012Remy Luciani1 min read

This Thursday 12/07, the French Association of Php Users (AFUP) holds a meeting in Paris, sponsored by Theodo. Julien Pauli (Software Architect & Lead Developper at Comuto) and Hugo Hamon (Trainings Manager & Symfony2 Developer at Sensio Labs), will discuss design-patterns and anti-patterns in PHP…

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« LaFourchette » elected as the best French mobile website of the year

July 10, 2012Remy Luciani2 min read

We are happy and proud to announce the victory of mobile website in the “M site” contest! (FR) The application has been designed by LaFourchette and developed by Theodo. What is The purpose of are to…

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