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Revolutionise Your Mobile Project: React Native or Swift – The Ultimate Choice

George Alexiou8 min read

Swift vs React Native Battle

In the ever-evolving landscape of app development, choosing the right programming language and framework can significantly affect the outcome of your project. This article aims to compare Swift and TypeScript, two popular languages, and dive deeper into the frameworks built…

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Firebase Dynamic Links are being shut down: Time to go Universal with Expo Router?

Mo Khazali4 min read

A wireframing for a blank app

Google has a reputation for killing or discontinuing its products and services. There's literally a website called Killed By Google, which has a list of all the services that have been discontinued over the years. Recently, Google has been hinting…

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SolidJS for beginners: a story of virtual DOM and signals

Elise RECEJAC7 min read

A cheatsheet of React vs Solid

Signals are everywhere. After some years of React domination where signals were put aside, they are now back! A lot of rising frameworks use it (like Preact or Qwik), and even Angular integrated it in version 16. I would like…

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Communicating with BLE devices with Expo mobile apps

Rohan Samuel10 min read

Person with a phone with blue waves coming out of it.

In this article, we will be understanding what BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is, the use cases for BLE, how the GATT profile defines how BLE devices communicate with each other, and using these concepts to build a React Native mobile…

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Conquer the Search Realm: Unleashing Postgres' Full Text Search Potential!

Joshua Radin-GrantEvgenia Brusnitskaya6 min read

Sylius Next.js Commerce Headless

You’ve been working on your application for a while with Postgres and have realised that it would be great for users to be able to search key values in your database. Well, look no further! This article will introduce you to…

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Boost Your Next.js Commerce with Sylius: Introducing Sylext

Charles DUVIGNEAU3 min read

Sylius Next.js Commerce Headless

If you are a PHP developer looking to create a fully customized e-commerce website, we recommend using Sylius as your e-commerce solution. With its modular and decoupled architecture, Sylius makes it effortless to integrate with third-party services and extend its…

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Building Whitelabel Mobile Apps: A Comprehensive Guide of Technical Considerations

Mo Khazali9 min read

A wireframing for a blank app

Introduction Imagine this scenario: You've just joined as a lead engineer at Burrito Ring, an international chain of average tasting TexMex fast food. Your first project is to develop a mobile app that allows users to view the menu, check allergens,

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Teaching Custom Knowledge to AI Chatbots

Will Alexander9 min read

OpenAI x Supabase

This article explains how to build a chatbot that's an expert on your custom knowledge base - by augmenting ChatGPT using embedding similarity search in Supabase. We also discuss prompt engineering, suggest hyperparameter values, evaluate performance, and propose further work. Background You’ve…

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The State of Building Native Mobile and Web Apps from a Single Codebase with React Native in 2023

Mo Khazali10 min read

A mobile and laptop showing a responsive website

This article is a write-up based on a talk I've given called "Building Universal Apps in React Native". It was first delivered at iJS Conference London in April 2023. This article is not meant to go into detail about all…

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Effective Strategies for Testing React Native Apps: Striking a Balance Between Testing UI and Business Logic

Mo Khazali9 min read

Logos for React and React Testing Library

Testing in software development is a contentious topic, with advocates on both ends of the spectrum. On one hand, there are those who argue against writing any tests at all, while on the other hand, there are companies that insist…

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