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Articles from Raphaël Dubigny

10 tips to read 500 emails per day

May 02, 2016Raphaël Dubigny1 min read

I recently had a quick formation with Benoît Charles-Lavauzelle our CEO at Theodo. He taught me how to be efficient at reading emails. Here are his advices: don't sort emails. Use the search. don't use multiple labels. One label is enough: urgent or not. for each mail, there is two options: answer…

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Warming up Varnish4 cache

November 05, 2015Raphaël Dubigny1 min read

Caching data with varnish allows to deal with heavy data traffic at a limited cost. The question is, how can I serve fresh data even if no one have requested them recently? The solution is to request your cache regularly. This is how I managed to auto warm up a list of URLs in my varnish cache…

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Vagrant: share folder as non root user

March 05, 2015Raphaël Dubigny2 min read

If you ever tried to sync folder between a host machine and a guest one with vagrant over nfs, you may have noticed that everything is ok until you need your shared folder to be owned by a non root user. Syncing over NFS as non root I read this good article which describes the solution: share the…

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Custom fixtures generator for nodejs / mongodb in 30 seconds

December 05, 2014Raphaël Dubigny1 min read

I recently needed to generate random users for a NodeJS project using mongo. I remember the time I used the powerful Alice fixture generator for my Symfony2 projects. Actually, I didn’t find anything as complete as Alice but I found two very interesting npm modules. The first one is faker. It…

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Meet-up pour la décentralisation d'internet

October 29, 2014Raphaël Dubigny1 min read

Je suis allé jeudi 23 Octobre au 3ème meetup pour la décentralisation du web à la Fondation Mozilla de Paris. Au menu, pas de présentation de techno mais une profonde réflexion sur le devenir d'internet à travers deux conférences : Framasoft sur Degooglisons le Net et Laurent Chemla sur CaliOpen…

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Install a sms two factor authentication in Symfony2

May 23, 2014Raphaël Dubigny6 min read

Abstract: This article aims to help you build a two step authentication with sms for your Symfony2 application. It works like the google two step authentication. Here is the workflow of the achieved feature: the user fills in a first login form with his login and password he receives an SMS with a…

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