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Articles from Pierre-Henri Cumenge

Integrate legacy session into Symfony2

April 05, 2013Pierre-Henri Cumenge1 min read

We are happy to anounce that the first Theodo Evolution Bundle has been open-sourced. The SessionBundle integrates transparently Legacy PHP Sessions into Symfony2 Our team has been working for a while on the growing issue of migrating legacy applications to Symfony2, as you may have guessed from one…

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Our first two Symfony2 certified developers!

December 13, 2012Pierre-Henri Cumenge1 min read

Sensio launched its Symfony2 certification some six month ago, aimed at certifying the deep understanding and practical skills in Symfony2 of the developers who pass it. Sensio's CTO Fabien Potencier himself said that "its level is hard!", and as the time of writing there is a total of only 3…

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sfPot le 8 octobre dans nos nouveaux locaux

October 04, 2012Pierre-Henri Cumenge1 min read

This blog post is in French as the event it relates to is French-only. Theodo accueille le prochain sfPot dans ses tout nouveaux locaux le 8 octobre. Alexandre Salomé nous parlera des performances du framework Symfony2 : chargement des classes, dépendances, services, cache applicatif... Un sujet (ou…

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Symfony Live 2012 Paris report

July 17, 2012Pierre-Henri Cumenge1 min read

Time for a short (and somewhat late) report about the main event for the Symfony (and PHP) community in Paris and of course for us at Theodo: sfLive, which we sponsored and attended. SfLive gathered around 600 people this year. On the whole the organization was great, with only one minor issue: the…

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Fabulxc for LXC on remote servers through tunneling

June 14, 2012Pierre-Henri Cumenge2 min read

With the intent of testing our projects in separate environments, I have been working recently on simple fabric scripts for automating LXC containers creation; a basic one can be found at, however the context was slightly more complicated here, since we…

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