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Articles from Nicolas Boutin

Transform your Symfony forms, make it nice, elegant and modern with Material Design in 5 minutes!

March 20, 2017Nicolas Boutin1 min read

You want to make a nice, elegant and modern form using the new design standards of Material Design, I’ll try to give you a 5-minutes way to do so with Materialize, a JQuery library, based on these guidelines. Get Started Get the assets from Materialize and add it in web directory of your project…

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How to quickly improve Users “Loading” Experience?

December 03, 2015Nicolas Boutin2 min read

29th October 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands @Velocity Conf At the last VelocityConf ( in Amsterdam, we attended a very interesting talk about waiting phases. You have an app. Everything works, but it's slow and users are bored and some even leave…

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