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Our NestJS articles

Simplify your full-stack applications with XState

July 06, 2022Daniel Belo Gonçalves8 min read

XState is a popular state management library for JavaScript and TypeScript using finite state machines (FSMs) and state-charts. The general use of FSMs has been widely popularised over the last few years by React and Redux, but state machines have held a key role in the core of computer science long…

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How to Test Your NestJS Application with Jest in 4 Steps

June 05, 2019Débora Barreto Ornellas13 min read

NestJS is a server-side backend framework that is becoming increasingly popular within the Node community. In this article, we’ll suggest how to make the most out of Nest testing tools from our experience at Theodo. What you’ll learn in this article An intro to NestJS A quick overview of good…

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Choose the NodeJS Framework that Best Suits Your Needs

March 21, 2019Alexandre Blondin6 min read

This article explains how we chose our NodeJS framework at Theodo. Among others, we focused on ExpressJS, KoaJS, NestJS, MeteorJS, and SailsJS. Some context At Theodo, we have been working for a long time with API Platform and Django and they provided us with everything we needed. We also turned to…

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