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Guide: How to improve your team’s code review process and maintain code quality

August 30, 2023Yosef Alnajjar5 min read

Introduction The code review part of the development pipeline is such a vital part to make sure that you're pushing clean code the team aligns with and prevent possible defects that the developer might have missed while writing the code. It's also the best way to contribute to the learning of the…

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Are Typecript Enums Really Harmful?

March 30, 2023Michael Kim8 min read

🤺 Are TypeScript Enums Really Harmful? One of the current trends in the TypeScript space seems to be criticising TypeScript native enums and claiming they are unsafe to use. I first came across the "enum drama" through videos from big creators in the space such as Matt Pocock and Theo, who…

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Working with a Third-party Provider, Three Lessons I Learned to Reduce the Lead Time

April 08, 2022Vicard Du13 min read

For two years, I worked as a web developer with an investment bank. One of their key aims is to digitalize their finance system in order to speed up the procedure. At this moment the company was developing a more stable third-party API to provide the core data and which could manage the required…

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Why You Should Encrypt Your Disk, and How To Do It on Ubuntu with a Dual Boot

January 10, 2022Romain Fournier9 min read

Why use disk encryption? It goes without saying that your computer can contain sensitive information about you or the organization you are working for, such as: personal pictures password or credit card numbers saved in your browser (and so on, access to your drive, important online accounts such as…

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How I Made My Life Easier by Letting QA Write E2E Tests?

September 20, 2021Elisabeth Degrand4 min read

Lately, I have worked as a web developer with a company that deals with logistics. Their business is to supervise the transport of commodities from point A to point B. The application I worked on was intended for the suppliers of this company to track their merchandise. Each persona would connect to…

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As A Developer, I know how to talk to my PO about existing code

January 06, 2020Alex de Boutray6 min read

Cover photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash -- Monday, 10am. You're around a table with a new team, looking at a product owner presenting the project you'll be working on for the next few months. While this project wouldn't be the core software of your company, it would play an integral part in the…

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How to Build an MVP Quickly That Maximizes ROI

August 01, 2019Nicolas Taborisky3 min read

Every app you use daily went through numerous stages of development before it reached the fully functional version you’re accustomed to. From whiteboard and prototyping to a minimum viable product (MVP) in production to its fully-featured form, each stage was crucial to getting the app through its…

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9 SEO tips to rank first on Google

May 06, 2019Thomas Aribart14 min read

I play in a pop rock band called BEL-AIR. As you probably guessed, the name BEL-AIR is already taken by many things : Two clothing brands, numerous hotels and places, and of course, Will Smith. This was a problem as our fans often complained that they had a hard time finding us on the internet. We…

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Wow your customers with simple UI & UX principles

January 28, 2019Tomas Piga7 min read

When it comes to the web, the main idea of a website or app is to either sell a product (including services) or be that product. Generally, a product is about delivering a message or some sort of value to a User. Many people don’t value the U in that sentence. User experience is about maximising the…

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