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Articles from Matthieu Auger

Deploy your JAMstack app to Netlify in one click from your smartphone

December 01, 2018Matthieu Auger1 min read

A few weeks ago, Nicolas and I launched, a JAMstack website powered by GatsbyJS and hosted on Netlify. JAMstack applications deliver static websites to end-users with the benefit of high performance and CDN ease and still allow dynamism by sourcing content or data during build…

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Expose your local environment to the world with ngrok

June 28, 2016Matthieu Auger3 min read

Have you ever wanted to expose a local server to the entire internet? It may sound scary but can be really useful. Use-cases are infinite, here are a few: You are developing a web application on your computer and you need to see instantly your modifications on a specific device or browser…

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Debug your event listeners and subscribers easily in Symfony

March 06, 2015Matthieu Auger2 min read

Ever found yourself stuck in a stack of subscribers and listeners, unable to determine why and which class has modified your object after an event has been dispatched? The old solution Previously, you could search in your code for the name of the event. But even if you have a constant for the event…

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Don't bother with keys, open your door with Google API

June 26, 2014Matthieu Auger5 min read

At Theodo we face various issues, and sometimes it starts at the very beginning of the day. For safety concerns, the front door of the company does not have a handle, and only opens with a key or RFID pass. While Theodo had few employees, RFID passes were enough. But with the company development…

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