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Articles from Marek Kalnik

Avoiding Ionic and LeafletJS conflicts

September 02, 2014Marek Kalnik1 min read

Ionic is a great tool to bootstrap mobile applications easily. It is a framework based on Cordova and AngularJS and it provides some command line tools, mobile-ready directives for common components, and CSS for a basic application look and feel. We use it together with LeafletJs. Leaflet is a…

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An extension to profile your Behat tests

June 27, 2014Marek Kalnik1 min read

It is just a little heads up - I have published a small Extension for Behat 2 days ago. It helps optimize your behat steps by displaying the time taken by every step in console log. You can check it out on Github: TheodoBehatProfilingExtension. The current version is compatible with Behat 2.4+ but a…

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Matthieu and Thierry are now SensioLabs Certified Symfony Developers

September 16, 2013Marek Kalnik1 min read

We are happy to announce that Matthieu and Thierry are now SensioLabs Certified Symfony Developers. Congratulations for both of them! This makes us the first company after Sensio to have 5 certified developers, and we hope that soon other teammates will join them!

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Benjamin is now a Certified Symfony Developer

May 20, 2013Marek Kalnik1 min read

We have a good news to announce: Benjamin Grandfond joined Mathieu Dähne and me as our third Certified Symfony Developer. He is the 40th developer to have acquired this certification! Big congratulations, as it is not an easy certificate to get. We hope that other colleagues will follow him soon…

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How to install MadEye - a remote pair programming tool

April 16, 2013Marek Kalnik2 min read

Theodo is constantly looking to improve its code review tools and collaboration. Recently we have encountered a problem about how to organize pair programming sessions with our programmers working at client's offices. The fact that you are not in place should not prevent you from having your pair…

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Resolving composer merge conflicts

March 27, 2013Marek Kalnik3 min read

One of the difficulties when working with composer is how to merge its files. When you are working on multiple branches with your team members and two of you update the project, either to add a new package or to update one that is already used by the project, you end up having a nasty merge conflict…

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Symfony2 Testing Patterns: Forms

November 24, 2012Marek Kalnik4 min read

This article has been transformed into a Symfony Cookbook article. Please, refer to it as it is now maintained by the community and will surely be more up to date. The post below is kept for archiving purposes. It has already been some time since I started working according to the TDD methodology…

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Bootstrapping Symfony2 bundle tests with Composer

September 28, 2012Marek Kalnik1 min read

If you want to create an independent Symfony2 bundle, unit test are a must. Not only are they a good practice but they also help a lot with a day-to-day developpement work. There's one problem though - how do you bootstrap them when the bundle is not in a project? A bootstrap file is needed to…

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Theodo presents RogerCmsBundle @sfPot

June 19, 2012Marek Kalnik1 min read

Just after two major PHP events (Forum PHP and sfLive in Paris) we met once again during AFSY's monthly sfPot. Last Tuesday (June 12) it was @LaNetscouade that invited us to their offices. This time Theodo prepared the presentation. We - Benjamin Grandfond and me - introduced the participants to…

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Symfony2: Working with multiple databases

September 26, 2011Marek Kalnik4 min read

Symfony2 has been around for quite a while. Personally, I love how much PHP-oriented it is. It feels much closer to the language base than the first version of the framework. It means less of the magic and more of the important decisions in the hands of the development team. But there is no real…

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