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Articles from Kyle Ki

HubSpot forms on steroids with Cloudflare Pages

April 12, 2023Ash AylsworthJeanne Le ParcKyle KiNate Dolzonek4 min read


HubSpot is a popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that can be used for marketing, sales and content management. One of HubSpot’s features is easily creating forms that can be embedded into a customer's landing page to seamlessly gather data on customers, sales leads and more…

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SheetJs: Programmatically generating stylish Excel documents

August 04, 2022Kyle Ki9 min read

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SheetJs is a javascript library that is used to create and format Excel documents. It is a powerful tool that boasts a consistent weekly download rate of over one million as well as having a dedicated team to battle issues and improve features. SheetJs was the perfect tool to use on a recent project…

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