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Articles from Kevin Raynel

Cookieless domains in an HTTP/2 world

September 06, 2019Kevin Raynel5 min read

One of the most popular performance indicator is the Speed Index. It directly reflects on your SEO and you probably want to monitor it. One of our client at Theodo runs a large marketplace. They sell around 3 millions items (Q1 2019), and serve more than 2 billion HTTP requests every month. We will…

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MITM Attack — Reverse Engineering an Encrypted Service

July 26, 2016Kevin Raynel7 min read

Legal disclaimer In France, reverse engineering is allowed as long as it serves a goal of interoperability. Here, we will not be accessing data that should not have been accessible otherwise. Before trying to access data in a way that was not exactly meant to, it is always preferable to contact the…

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Let's encrypt is now in public beta!

January 28, 2016Kevin Raynel3 min read

To celebrate this, I will guide you through the 6 steps required to get an auto-hosted, HTTPS website. With its own TLD domain. For free. Yeah! It should take a few minutes of your time. We will only be using free services. It will also allow you to try the initiative on an…

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