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Articles from JR Beaudoin

Why You Need a Framework When Doing Serverless

April 27, 2020JR Beaudoin2 min read

Serverless Framework and Theodo logos

We are proud to have been selected as a Serverless Framework official partner. It rewards our investment in the technology and reflects our strong belief that this framework is currently the best in the market. Using a Framework When Going Serverless is a Must Recently, one of our clients’ technical…

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Introduction to D3js Force Layout

March 30, 2015JR Beaudoin5 min read

// <![CDATA[ var w = 580, h = 400, backgroundColor = 'black'; // ]]> The code shown below comes from the D3js website and the tons of examples it provides. What is the force layout? D3's layouts are methods that let you easily display complex datasets in relevant charts with little effort. You can…

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