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Articles from James Haworth Wheatman

Simple Design Patterns for a Lightweight Java API

James Haworth Wheatman9 min read

Java Logo Cover Image

TL;DR: in this article, I cover the design patterns I used in creating a lightweight Java API which processes an HTTP request (without using any external libraries). I show how you can use the Template Method Pattern to create a smart separation of concerns when implementing API endpoint routing. This is part two of a two part article - read part one to see how I parse the HTTP request and send a response!

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AWS Fargate: harness the power of serverless for long-running computational tasks

James Haworth Wheatman11 min read

An elegant weapon for a more civilised age

TLDR: We all know the advantages of serverless computing: pay only for what you use; scale up and down with ease; abstract away the complexities of managing servers. In this article, I illustrate how you can acquire these benefits for…

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Writing a native Ionic plugin for Capacitor in less than 30 minutes

James Haworth Wheatman8 min read

Ionic native plugin

TLDR: When the pandemic first started, I decided to develop a contact-tracing mobile app. I was studying Computer Science at the time and decided to use the same cross-platform framework that we were using on our course - Ionic. I…

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