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Articles from Jérémy Dardour

How not to Make your Projects Succeed with ImmutableJS! - Part 1

April 16, 2018Jérémy Dardour7 min read

ImmutableJS When I first learned about ImmutableJS I was convinced it was a great addition to any project. So I tried to make it a working standard at Theodo. As we offer scrum web development teams for various projects going from POC for startups to years lasting ones for banks, we bootstrap…

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Go With the Flow - A Static Type Checking Tool for JavaScript

November 30, 2016Jérémy Dardour3 min read

Static Type Checking is Life, Static Type Checking is Love Javascript has been a hot topic for web developers for some time now. It's fast, runs everywhere and offers many wonderful frameworks such as Angular and React. However, its lack of static typing can be a real pain for developers, bugs only…

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