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Articles from Jérémie Chauvel

How to generate Typescript interfaces from your Spring Boot backend

August 09, 2022Jérémie Chauvel3 min read

Starting a full stack project with Spring Boot and a modern frontend framework like React in Typescript, you rapidly fall into the issue of defining your interfaces twice: Once on Spring Boot side where you create your response/request DTO for your controllers, and again on the frontend where you…

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How to beautify java code reliably

March 09, 2022Jérémie Chauvel3 min read

Readable and formatted code

I recently had to set up code formatting on a spring boot java application. Auto code formatting is important to avoiding useless diffs in source files, reducing noise in code review, allowing reviewers to focus on what matters. Ideally we want: Automatic formatting on file save in IDE's (vscode…

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How real developers use a CMS to build a showcase website with Netlify, Nuxtjs, and Contentful

March 24, 2020Jérémie Chauvel10 min read

A CMS driven static website with Netlify, Nuxtjs, and Contentful

Why build a CMS driven showcase website? Here you are, you just started a project to build the latest shiny showcase website for your client. Now comes the difficult part: you want to offer your client the best bang for his bucks, not wanting to redo part of the website each time the content changes…

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