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Articles from Guillaume Dedrie

Formation à la « Pomodoro Technique® »

April 11, 2014Guillaume Dedrie1 min read

This blog post is written in French as the related video is in French. Le 7 mars dernier, je présentais à la troupe des Theodoers une formation sur la « Pomodoro Technique® », une technique de gestion efficace du temps, des imprévus et des interruptions, méthode que j'utilise depuis maintenant 2 ans…

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Antoine Gruzelle is a Theodoer

April 07, 2014Guillaume Dedrie1 min read

We're super excited to welcome Antoine Gruzelle to dev team! Thanks to being a true card player shark, he now thrives to be our pro poker planner. He can focus and control his adrenaline to tackle any difficulty that might rise in his upcoming challenges - be it programming or, well, anything in…

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