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Articles from Georges Biaux

How I ruined my application performances by using React context instead of Redux

July 16, 2019Georges Biaux5 min read

TL;DR I used React contexts instead of Redux for centralized states Without a selector system, my components where getting lots of data as props, some of them were often changing and not necessary to build the view Any changes in these contexts objects caused almost all my components to rerender I…

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CSV & Excel: escape from the encoding hell in NodeJS

April 10, 2017Georges Biaux2 min read

CSV is great, especially to export or import table-like data into your system. It is plain-text and it can also be opened with Microsoft Excel and be edited by almost anyone, even nontechnical people. But, despite all those advantages, the use of CSV that has been edited with Excel comes with a…

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Pretty Url in AngularJS and Loopback. Drop the '#'

January 09, 2017Georges Biaux2 min read

AngularJS routing system is great to create RESTful single-page applications, but it comes at the cost of accepting the # fragment in all your urls. There are several reasons you would like to drop this tiny character: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) considerations Use Anchors in your pages and…

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