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Articles from Foucauld Degeorges

Never Commit Something Stupid Again - Sanity-Check your Commit in a Hook!

February 19, 2017Foucauld Degeorges1 min read

Today, for the 185th time, I accidentally committed some debugging code on my project. But there won't be a 186th time. How hard can it be to get a warning when I'm about to commit a diff that contains certain forbidden strings? Of course it isn't - it's called pre-commit hooks. And Github user…

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Share and document your API with Postman Cloud

August 05, 2016Foucauld Degeorges5 min read

When working on a project with both an API and a frontend, it's more convenient to work on both at the same time, as they can influence one another. I was recently working on an API with a mobile development team, and we lost some valuable time asking each other about the format for a certain…

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