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Articles from Fabrice Bernhard

Productivity tip: pause your GMail Inbox and hide new emails

August 23, 2013Fabrice Bernhard1 min read

Have you ever wanted to look at your GMail Inbox to find some information in an old email... but without being disturbed by all these new emails that will inevitably draft you away from your current focus and destroy your productivity? At Theodo, we have found a really simple way to do just that! It…

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"Adopt devops philosophy" at the Open World Forum

September 19, 2011Fabrice Bernhard1 min read

Version française plus bas Theodo will be present at the Open World Forum, as I have been selected to talk about "Adopting DevOps philosophy" on Friday, Sept. 23 at 16:30. I am very happy to be able to spread the good word in such an important conference! The main purpose will be to explain how…

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Massive data import! - Part 1

September 01, 2011Fabrice Bernhard2 min read

We often have to face the problem of importing data off an Excel file with thousands lines. PHP is not suited for this task, it’s slow and there is a high risk for the import to crash due to "memory limit" or some other annoying stuff like that! So instead we chose a better way by using pure SQL…

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DevOps conference online!

April 11, 2011Fabrice Bernhard1 min read

My conference about adopting DevOps philosophy on Symfony projects is now online! In this presentation you will see what I think is the philosophy behind the DevOps movement and how to start with the 4 important aspects of adopting DevOps: Configuration Management with Puppet Development on the…

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Start using Vagrant

March 17, 2011Fabrice Bernhard5 min read

I had the chance to spread the good word by talking about adopting DevOps in Symfony projects at the Symfony Live conference. The feedback was very good (for those who attended and have not done so yet, you can give some feedback here: You can also find the slides…

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Paris Devops meetup in Theodo's new office

December 02, 2010Fabrice Bernhard1 min read

Yesterday, December first, Theodo had the pleasure to host the improvised first Paris Devops meetup in our new office! Samuel Maftoul and Philippe Müller managed to gather a very interesting and mixed crowd of devs and ops to discuss on the promising ideas that the Devops movement is bringing in the agile develpoment world. Were present : Sergio Simone Bruno Michel Vincent Hardion Claude Falguière Ludovic Piot Alexandre Rodière Raphaël Pierquin Philippe Muller Laurent Bossavit Samuel Maftoul Vermeer Grange Cyrille Le Clerc François de Metz Fabrice Bernhard It was also the occasion to ask Laurent Bossavit to sign his book Gestion de projet : Extreme Programming which is our bible here at Theodo, a great honour :-) There were too many subjects and too little time during this first session to really tackle the technologies and ideas behind devops but it was a great occasion to meet diverse people and create a first contact. A very promising start for this new meetup!

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More with symfony: a whole chapter devoted to the sfFacebookConnect Plugin

December 02, 2009Fabrice Bernhard1 min read

December just started, and with it its usual christmas spirit, Santa Claus, happy children and.... the symfony advent calendar! This year the symfony advent calendar is a collection of articles written by different symfony experts: and is…

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A Facebook Connect plugin for symfony

August 24, 2009Fabrice Bernhard1 min read

As promised during the last symfony live conference, I finally release my current work on a Facebook Connect Plugin for symfony. It is inspired by the good sfFacebookPlugin by Jonathan Todd, which has however been unmaintained for quite some time. Since Facebook's platform is evolving every week and…

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sfEasyGMapPlugin 1.0.4 out

June 02, 2009Fabrice Bernhard1 min read

sfEasyGMapPlugin 1.0.4 is out and the good news is : the plugin is the 24th most used symfony plugin among the 457 available on ! We are now 5 official developers, not counting all the developers I work with who contribute indirectly. It all started because I…

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Symfony Google Maps API plugin : sfEasyGMapPlugin v1.0 is out!

March 13, 2009Fabrice Bernhard1 min read

sfEasyGmapPlugin is a very easy to use Google Maps API plugin for symfony, inspired by the Phoogle class... but better :-) A very simple version has been available for a few months but I have now finally released the 1.0 version, with the following new features : - it is now sf1.2 compatible…

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Integrate Wordpress into symfony

March 06, 2009Fabrice Bernhard5 min read

What better topic to start this technical blog about symfony than to talk about my experience of integrating Wordpress into symfony ! I was looking for a nice blogging solution for symfony, and all I found was a very simple plugin and a lot of people encouraging me to build my own blog. Even though…

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Le blog de Theodo

March 05, 2009Fabrice Bernhard1 min read

Bienvenue sur le blog de Theodo ! Depuis 2009 Theodo développe des applications web et mobiles sur mesure. Notre équipe de développeurs est spécialisée en Symfony et Angular.js en particulier et plus généralement toutes les technologies de développement web opensource. Quoi de plus normal quand on a…

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