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Articles from Félix Mézière

Build the React Native Deployment Pipeline of Your Dreams in 1 Hour with Fastlane, Circleci, Codepush and Appcenter.

April 28, 2019Félix Mézière13 min read

How is this tutorial different? It's a modus operandi. This tutorial will make your React Native deployment pipeline completely operational in 1 hour for iOS and Android. Other tutorials do a general presentation that lets you figure out the details or a zoom-in on a particular part of the pipeline…

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Load Scripts in Your React Bundle Asynchronously: Win at SEO!

July 23, 2017Félix Mézière3 min read

On my current project, the team (and our client 😱) realised our React website performance rating was below industry-standard, using tools like Google Page Speed Insights. As reported by the tool, the main cause for this are render-blocking scripts like Stripe, Paypal, fonts or even the bundle…

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