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Articles from Elise RECEJAC

SolidJS for beginners: a story of virtual DOM and signals

July 28, 2023Elise RECEJAC6 min read

A cheatsheet of React vs Solid

Signals are everywhere. After some years of React domination where signals were put aside, they are now back! A lot of rising frameworks use it (like Preact or Qwik), and even Angular integrated it in version 16. I would like to focus on a less-known framework: SolidJS. It first appeared in 2021 in…

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The React Testing Library Guide I Wish I Had

December 21, 2021Elise RECEJAC6 min read

React Testing Library

I would like to share with you a great library I have found, which makes front-end tests fun to write! With this article, you will be able to write serenely your first tests with React Testing Library. To have a deeper understanding of the library you can use the documentation. Is it really useful…

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