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Solve N+1 performance issues forever on Django with Pytest

November 03, 2022Clément Marcilhacy2 min read

Have you ever improved the performance of your Django apps by tackling N+1 performance issues, but after some time developing new features on your project, the performance problems came back? Solving N+1 queries problem in Django is often quite straightforward using prefetch_related and select…

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Spice up Your Website with a DocuSign Electronic Signature Embedded Tool

May 14, 2021Alexandre Lac7 min read

Introduction Integrating electronic signing in a website is not always so easy. If you ever get tired of spamming users who already have an overflowing mailbox with DocuSign emails, then you have landed on the right article. Let me show you how to replace them with an elegant embedded tool that will…

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How to easily handle admin authentication and permissions in Django with Okta

March 09, 2021Marine du Mesnil6 min read

In my project, we are developing an admin interface to create and share documents to users who can see them and download them from the website we are creating. However, the administration platform is dedicated to multiple teams from various countries. We don’t want them to be able to see or interact…

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Get started with Django and Jupyter Notebooks on VSCode in minutes

December 17, 2020Arohan Subramonia9 min read

This is a guide primarily for developers familiar with Django, looking to add a data analytics or data science element to their web development project. Don't have much time and comfortable with Jupyter? Click here to see the initializer file you should create + import into every python script you…

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Flask Debugging in VS Code with Hot-Reload 🔥

May 11, 2020Adrien Cacciaguerra6 min read

I love using a debugger when I code. It allows me to quickly understand why something does not work as intended, but also to get a faster and deeper understanding of code I did not write. Since I am so fond of using a debugger, when I started working on a Dockerized Flask application, my first…

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Stop losing data when writing Django migrations !

May 07, 2020François Farge7 min read

Saying that database structure is important is sort of an obvious statement. That is of course if you decided to use a structured database technology. But in that case, you want your database structure to be the closest to your functional and business needs, and the tightest in order to be able to…

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A Guide to Syncing Django and Stripe with Webhooks

March 12, 2020Arohan Subramonia4 min read

This guide is for developers who have basic familiarity with Django, and Stripe Subscriptions with Elements (not Stripe Checkout). If you're unfamiliar with these, do check the links. Subscriptions with Elements Stripe has a great overview explaining how their subscriptions API works. Once you begin…

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How To Set Up Your Django Models For Stripe Subscriptions

March 05, 2020Arohan Subramonia7 min read

Stripe is a third party API that specialises in providing a quick and easy to scale payments infrastructure for the internet. As of December 2020, Stripe lets you implement payment processing on your platform in the form of one time payments, subscription services, billing services and much more…

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Scraping with Scrapy and Django Integration

January 17, 2019Henriette Brand6 min read

If you already know what scraping is, you can directly jump to how I did it What is scraping? Scraping is the process of data mining. Also known as web data extraction, web harvesting, spying.. It is software that simulates human interaction with a web page to retrieve any wanted information (eg…

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