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Articles from Cyrille Jouineau

Responsive is not magic

September 24, 2013Cyrille Jouineau1 min read

A short note on a situation that I fear is becoming more and more common: You’ve just been presented a wonderful website by an enthusiastic client, soooo proud of the time spent with a designer to validate the templates for all pages of the site, when the following is thrown in as a conclusion: “Oh…

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CSS games: discover the power of CSS3 animations

July 15, 2013Cyrille Jouineau5 min read

The development of CSS3 and its improving support in "modern" browsers brought us crazy JavaScript-free animations featuring gradients, rotations, 3D and way too many iStuff. These visual experiments are certainly nice but I started searching for ways of adding interactivity to go one step further…

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Graphic design for the web - Fonts

June 24, 2011Cyrille Jouineau7 min read

Font usage on the web is a critical matter. Well I guess it’s critical while working with other media too, but if you’re a graphic designer and you’re not that familiar with the best practices of website creation, you might come up with something rude to web designers, be it beautiful or not. The #…

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