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Articles from Corentin Doue

Build a Real-Time Serverless Web Application with AWS

July 24, 2019Corentin Doue12 min read

At first glance, serverless and web real-time doesn't seem to easily match together. The aim of serverless is to have a very short-lived backend whereas web real-time require to keep an open connection with this backend. We were curious at Theodo to understand to what extent it was possible to add a…

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Store your data in AWS Serverless architecture

July 17, 2019Corentin Doue4 min read

Before building a serverless app, it is important to truly understand how serverless works in AWS and what modules are available and useful for such an architecture. This article is a follow-up to the previous article Understand AWS serverless architecture in 10 minutes.  It’s an overview of the…

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Understand AWS Serverless architecture in 10 minutes

July 17, 2019Corentin Doue5 min read

Serverless provides scalability. It also solves the waste of having servers up and running when no one needs them, by instantiating and running your business functions only when needed.  That’s why at Theodo we are excited about serverless and developing serverless apps. But building a serverless…

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