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Articles from Clément Pasteau

Why it’s time to consider Azure to host your static application

June 15, 2020Clément Pasteau3 min read


The line between static & dynamic web applications is not what it used to be. With new frameworks like Gatsby or NextJS, the Jamstack is a strong option to get your application running in no time, whilst being able to scale it as needed. When it comes to hosting your app, there are dozens of…

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How to Implement an Antivirus API in 10 min

November 02, 2017Clément Pasteau3 min read

I recently had to allow customers to upload files on a website, then send their content to an external API. We had a few requirements for the files to be valid and one of them was to ensure they were checked for any virus before posting their content to the API. Our infrastructure Our stack was a…

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How to write the perfect React component (a Theodo standard)

October 23, 2017Clément Pasteau6 min read

What is the perfect React component? The component should have one purpose only, rendering The component should be small and easily understandable The component should rerender only if needed How to create the perfect React component? Logic Functions Atomic Design Selectors and Reselectors Functions…

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